AER Introduces Monte Montgomery Signature Amp

Latest · January 16, 2014

Anaheim, CA (January 14, 2014) — German amp manufacturer AER (Audio Electric Research) has teamed up with guitarist Monte Montgomery to develop the new signature MM200 acoustic amp. The amp will be unveiled at NAMM 2014.

The Austin, TX-based guitarist first gained notoriety in 1999, when as a relatively unknown talent he delivered a jaw-dropping live performance on an episode of the PBS series “Austin City Limits.” Throughout his career, Montgomery has been named one of the “Top 50 All-Time Greatest Guitar Players” by Guitar Player Magazine, has won the “Best Acoustic Guitar Player” Award at the SXSW’s Austin Music Awards seven years in a row, and has released 10 albums.

Montgomery’s hunt for an acoustic amp that could handle his demanding, powerful playing style and wide textural range without sacrificing subtlety and precision led him to AER. The company is well-known among professional guitarists for the sound quality, compact size, and simplicity of their amps.

“I couldn’t be happier about the partnership with AER,” attests Montgomery. “We worked together every step of the way to dial this amp in, from the power amp and speaker configuration right down to the mute switch. I wanted something that I was proud to have my name on, and the MM200 is exactly that.”

The twin-channel MM200 is built around a 200W power amp that delivers unprecedented dynamic headroom. The amp incorporates a pair of AER’s trademark 8″ twin-cone speakers. The result is a powerful amp with a versatile tonal range that shines particularly in the mid-ranges, where it remains distinct and controlled, avoiding feedback issues.

Retail Price: $2099

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