The Story of Love (2003)

  1. The Story of Love (2003)Come Away
  2. I Can’t Hide
  3. Secretly Waiting
  4. One Good Reason
  5. The Story Of Love
  6. I See You Everywhere
  7. Shock
  8. Whatever It Takes
  9. You don’t Need A Reason
  10. You’re Still Gone
  11. Love’s Finest Hour
  12. The Way Things Shouldn’t Be
  13. My Mother’s Hands

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The Story of Love is energetic, soulful and beautifully put together with a wonderful mix of great songs, awesome guitar work, powerful arrangements and stunning vocals. This CD offers Monte’s fans a new dimension of his triple talent as a Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist. Monte breaks new ground as he lays bare innermost songwriting in a varied array of tender songs with soulful and heartfelt presentations. For the first time, Monte offers an acoustic solo performance on piano displaying one more facet of his seemingly infinite talent. Not only does this CD showcase Monte’s abilities as a refined Vocalist, Songwriter and Musician, it also reflects his skills as an Arranger and Producer. The Story Of Love delivers a full array of Monte’s gifts to his fans with class and finesse. Monte is the current 6-Time Defending Champion as Best Acoustic Guitarist at the Austin Music Awards. Monte’s new Signature Guitar Line by Alvarez Guitars will be in music stores nationally in January 2004. (