New & Approved – Live (2003)

  1. New & Approved - Live (2003)Wishing Well
  2. Tug Of War
  3. Took Too Long
  4. All I Can Do
  5. Sara Smile
  6. Romeo & Juliet
  7. Broken Arms
  8. River
  9. Lie To Me
  10. Erased
  11. Northeast Texas Women
  12. In The Gaze Of The Spotlight’s Eye

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Monte Montgomery Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter Monte Montgomery is best described by one word: Musical. Having grown up immersed in music, he’s been playing professionally since his teens, and is currently one of the hottest draws on the talent-packed Austin, TX music scene. Rated by Guitar One magazine as one of the Top 10 Best Undiscovered Guitarists in America, Monte has earned praise from both critics and fellow musicians for his stunning and imaginative six-string work as well as his abilities as a Singer and a Crafter of ear-catching pop-rock songs imbued with a deep roots sensibility. Monte recently released “New & Approved”, a Live Album recorded in a very special setting featuring Monte and drummer Phil Bass in a Duo performance recorded at the Cactus Café in Austin, Texas. New & Approved showcases Monte’s ability to deliver not only as a virtuoso guitarist but also as a refined vocalist reflecting on all his gifts with class and finesse. (

Cut at the Cactus Cafe and authorized by release on his own label, Montgomery’s fret-board derring-do burns bright over a dozen extended tracks — only two cuts clock in under four minutes. Montgomery’s own compositions (“Took Too Long,” “Wishing Well,” “All I Can Do”) stack up nicely against some choice covers (Dire Straits’ “Romeo & Juliet” and Willis Alan Ramsey’s “Northeast Texas Women”). It’s hard to find fault with Montgomery, whose loping “River” is a guitar slinger’s showpiece. Worst you can say is that he’s stylistically all over the place, but tell it to his legion of fans, who’ll give you the middle finger, buy this CD, and still attend the show faithfully. (