Mirror (1999)

  1. Mirror (1999)Hopin’ That You’d Slow Down
  2. Mirror
  3. Let Me Go
  4. I Know You by Heart
  5. All I Can Do
  6. I’ve Done Nothin’ Wrong
  7. Tear Down the Wall
  8. Took Too Long
  9. Whirlwind
  10. When Will I
  11. Magnolia

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A true guitar genius, standing at the brink of six-string immortality. (Dallas Observer)

The buzz is getting out! In the March 2000 issue of Guitar One Magazine titled, “BEST IN THE U.S.”, Monte Montgomery was chosen as one of The Best 10 Guitarists in America. The article states: “Monte Montgomery was the first artist chosen for this column (the first to make our jaws drop!). His scorching yet musical solos, combined with great pop sensibility in his songwriting, are what cought our ear. But when you consider that he’s playing those Van Halen-esque solos on an acoustic guitar with distortion, it becomes a slam dunk” (Guitar One Magazine)