Architect (2004)

  1. Architect (2004)Bettery Days
  2. Superman
  3. Let It Be Now
  4. Back to the Country
  5. Book, The
  6. Splitsville
  7. Lost in the Wilderness
  8. Call It Love
  9. Runaway
  10. How the Story Goes
  11. My Favorite Son
  12. You Are Loved
  13. Poor Little Rich Girl
  14. New Meaning

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“Architect” offers some of today’s best Rock & Roll songs with an extensive variety of world-class music arrangements and superb vocal presentations. Monte Montgomery is a guitar virtuoso, this is reflected throughout this CD.

Monte’s latest album ARCHITECT offers some of the best written Rock & Roll songs you’ll hear today along with an extensive variety of first-class music arrangements and superb vocal presentations. Monte continues his tradition as a great Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Arranger, and Producer.
Monte Montgomery is one of the most acclaimed artists on the Texas music scene and one of the hottest draws across the country. Monte is a professional entertainer that has performed since his early teens working in the San Antonio area before moving to Austin where he quickly gained recognition by dazzling audiences with his exciting acoustic guitar technique and unique song style. Monte has earned an extensive national fan base of fiercely dedicated fans by consistently delivering his electrifying performances during his wide-ranging national touring schedule in excess of 275 dates annually.
Monte is redefining the boundaries of what an Acoustic Guitar can do. He’s been called the “Acoustic Jimi Hendrix”, “Six Strings Attached To Dynamite” and the “Evel Knievel of Guitar”. Monte is the first to be named by Guitar One Magazine to their list of “Top 10 Best Undiscovered Guitarists in America”. In March 2004, Monte was awarded “The Best Acoustic Guitar Player” at the Austin Music Awards for the Seventh Year in a row! Monte has appeared on the nationally televised program Austin City Limits and has received rave reviews across the country including Guitar Player Magazine which named Monte on their list of “America’s Top 50 All Time Greatest Guitarists”.
Monte is not only recognized as a World-Class Guitarist but also as a Superb Singer and an Inspirational Songwriter.